The development of our 6 Eyes Principle™ with simultaneous proofreading allowed us to make another big step in terms of quality assurance. This type of quality control is unique in Europe and characterises our exceptional service level. The peerless and innovative proofreading method sets new standards in the entire translation process: For the 6 Eyes Principle™ exceeds the stipulations of all standards combined. Thus, our services not only carry forth your quality chain in an ingenious way, it actually strengthens its links.

Translation Excellence Prozess 6-Augen-Prinzip


Yet another stroke of genius by ALLESPRACHEN: We have developed a software (Speech) that converts your written texts into spoken language. It’s true! Our simultaneous proofreaders listen to these spoken texts while at the same time – simultaneously – proofreading and correcting the translation on their screens, paying particular attention to technical terms and precise wording.

The paper-screen-paper method used by most other companies on the market is long obsolete and a major source of mistakes . The 6 Eyes Principle™ literally makes your texts shine in the requested language!


Using the designated Speech software – a type of a perfect speech output program which can even accommodate intonation and different accents – your texts are converted into spoken language. Speech reads these texts (which can be written in any language) to our proofreaders who simultaneously correct the translation. This puts less stress on their eyes as they no longer have to jump back and forth between two pages of text. For them, putting on their headsets is like venturing into a magnificent world of technology, numbers, art or cooking. At the same time, simultaneous proofreading differs greatly from reading a dime novel for simultaneous proofreaders have to constantly focus their audio-visual and cognitive skills: While they listen to the spoken source text with their ears they have to read the translation with their eyes, checking technical terms, but also looking for typos, transposed digits or missing sections.

Would you like to learn more about simultaneous proofreading? Have a look at our beautiful storybook which uses pictures to describe how important 6 eyes are in the translation process. You can request your copy at office@allesprachen.at or download it in the MEDIA LOUNGE section of our website.

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