Why your translator should be a native speaker

As any professional translation agency should, ALLESPRACHEN works on the basis of the native-speaker principle. That means that we only employ translators that translate from a foreign language – which they have studied in an academic context – into their own mother tongue. This guarantees that your text is translated by someone who has fully mastered the respective target language.


  • Show your customers your respect by means of high-quality translations and in turn, they will thank you by buying your products!
  • Despite the fact that we have been working with the latest technologies for years, we only use them when it makes sense. If it doesn’t, we still employ human translators who are highly qualified in their fields and masters of your customers’ culture.
  • Using our proprietary Translation Excellence 4.0 method we have set a new benchmark in the translation process which not only yields more homogeneous translations but also saves you money and provides total data protection.



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What's better about a translation at native-language level?

The secret behind every good translation is that it doesn’t read like a translation but like an original text. This is why we only work with translators who translate into their mother tongue, guaranteeing highest levels of linguistic and cultural competence .

Native speakers know the cultural features of a language from their own experience and will prevent your translation from containing terms that are correct but perhaps uncommon and confusing in the respective context. This assures that your translations better meet the requirements of the respective target group and – despite sometimes being translated more freely – the highest coherence with the source text.

Intuition and current language use are assured

Translations at native-language level are generated under entirely different circumstances than a translation written by someone who merely learned the respective language . Native-language translators don’t have to contemplate for overly long periods of time which only leads to stiff and awkwardly written texts.

One’s native language is used intuitively and your translation will therefore read more dynamically and authentically. Sentence structures are translated more freely and automatically converted into a format common in the target language, effectively eliminating awkward phrases whose structure is often transferred from the source language, giving away the text as a translation.

On top of that native-language translators are always up to date on the latest changes in language and will incorporate them into the translation to the best of their knowledge to make sure it is in touch with the latest developments.

Research proves what ALLESPRACHEN has known for a long time

Researches have been looking into how we learn foreign languages for a long time and have found at that, besides the fact that singing and subtitles on TV facilitate learning a language, humans have to have learnt a language by age ten to stand a chance of ever being perfectly proficient in it.

This means that even someone who has been living in a country for decades doesn’t necessarily they speak its language at the same level as the native speakers.



The ALLESPRACHEN translation agency only uses native-language translators who possess a language degree, sufficient additional qualifications and many years of professional experience. Let us convince you of the the outstanding quality of our translations that read like original texts and request your free and non-binding quote today.

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