Actually certified acc. to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 18587 and ISO 17100

The ISO 9001 standard governs all processes in our company, making sure your jobs are delivered on time. The ISO 17100 standard guarantees the quality of our translators and their translations. Many other companies on the market pretend to work in accordance with these standards but are not actually certified.

This makes ALLESPRACHEN a reliable and trustworthy partner that incorporates defined quality standards and processes into every single translation job.

ISO 9001:2015

ALLESPRACHEN was the first translation agency in Austria to obtain an ISO 9001 certificate.
The introduction of our quality management system and the associated optimisation of our processes allows us to deliver premium quality and ensure the continuation of the quality chain for certified companies.

What is ISO 9001?
ÖNORM EN ISO 9001:2015 is a quality assurance system consisting of a range of universal standards that are recognised around the world and currently accepted as national standards in 150 countries. Their significance lies in the fact that customers buying a product or service from a certified company can instantly identify the high quality of what they just bought.

Why introduce a quality management system?
Our company has decided to obtain an ISO 9001 certification since this standard’s revision in 2000 made it particularly applicable to the service sector . In fact, many companies – especially industrial corporations – require their suppliers to be ISO 9001:2015 certified in order not to interrupt their quality chain.

Zertifizierung ISO 9001:2015


Continuous quality assurance is a core element of all of ALLESPRACHEN’s services, from job acquisition to processing to customer services.
Our ISO 9001, ISO 18587 and 17100 certifications are the foundation of all our work and lay down our corporate quality principles when it comes to products, processes and services .


This guarantees the complete documentation of our project management, the quality of our translations, data security, the confidential treatment of information provided to us, the further education of internet and external employees as well as the incorporation of the latest linguistic and technical developments and thus, our customers’ total satisfaction.

Qualitätskontrolle bei ALLESPRACHEN


Unmatched across Europe, the 6 Eyes Principle™ with simultaneous proofreading and the Translation Excellence process set a new benchmark in terms of quality control. The development of our 6 Eyes Principle™ with simultaneous proofreading allowed us to make another big step in terms of quality assurance. This type of quality control is unique in Europe and characterises our exceptional service level.

ISO 17100

In 2015 ALLESPRACHEN expanded its quality management system by an ISO 17100 certificate.

This standard’s main focus is on the quality of translations and translators. ALLESPRACHEN had to prove that it applies a process that documents that persons selected for translation projects have the required skills and qualifications. The translators must possess various translation, linguistic, cultural and research skills as well as information gathering and processing as well as a higher education and professional experience.


When looking for new translators we have been focusing on all these points for several years . The ISO 17100 standard specifies additional requirements such as documented order processing and working in accordance with the 4 Eyes Principle which means that all translations must be checked by a second qualified translator. ALLESPRACHEN goes one step further and uses the proprietary 6 Eyes Principle™ – an important seal of quality for our customers.

What is the advantage for you as a customer?
In addition to our ISO 9001:2015 certification which represents a higher-level standard, this allows us to offer our customers professional translation processes at guaranteed quality. Thanks to this standard – an ideal and transparent tool – our customers can rest assured that we continuously improve our services, offer well-organised work processes and high-quality translations done by specially trained and experienced translators.


In October of 2014 ALLESPRACHEN was awarded the Austrian Coat of Arms by Federal Minister for Education, Science, Research and Technology Reinhold Mitterlehner. This officially permits the company to use the Coat of Arms in business transactions. Only about five to ten Austrian companies are honoured in this way annually

Following an intricate review procedure this award is only given to companies that have made outstanding contributions to the Austrian economy. Only those with a leading and publicly respected role in the respective industry are given the privilege to carry the Austrian Coat of Arms in their business transactions.

Österreichischesw Bundeswappen