ALLESPRACHEN has been using AI translation for some time where it makes sense and where the type of text allows it. Of course, not every type of text is suitable for being processed with this kind of artificial intelligence. When making the decision whether or not to use AI translation, we analyse and assess the feasibility of its use based on your individual situation, discuss your goals and requirements with you and test the content of your texts to find out whether they are suitable for AI translation.

We show you what prerequisites make the use of machine translation a good option for you.

5 Gründe für eine Übersetzung mit Geprüfter Künstlicher Intelligenz


  1. Large texts can be translated more quickly
  2. You can have texts translated that you would normally leave untranslated
  3. You can differentiate by quality requirements
  4. Your users have a higher tolerance for lower quality
  5. You have a limited budget – AI translations can be up to 20 % less expensive


Was ist Post-Editing?

The ALLESPRACHEN processing method:

  • First, we review your text to determine if it is suitable for AI translation.
  • In a second step our language experts lift the texts generated by the artificial intelligence to the linguistic level requested by you. This step is referred to as full post editing and the professionals performing this task are called post editors. They make up a new job type that has developed around the field of machine translation.

    In other words, the text generated by a machine is corrected in a follow-up step. The end product is a good translation that is entirely correct when it comes to content, but still no stylistic masterpiece. In this work step, ALLESPRACHEN adheres to the ISO 18587:2017 Post Editing Standard.

  • The third and last step of AI translation concerns our simultaneous proofreading. Just like our proprietary 6 Eyes Principle™, no translation leaves our office without having been honed to perfection by means of simultaneous proofreading.


AI translation is not always the most beneficial option – especially sensitive files or texts often require a higher level of quality. This is why ALLESPRACHEN additionally offers its Translation Excellence high-end product in which human technical translators translate your texts using the 6 Eyes Principle™.

5 reasons to opt for the Translation Excellence high-end product:

  • Not all types of texts are suitable for machine translation (e.g. marketing texts, websites etc.).
  • Due to the fact that your text is processed by a machine, data security cannot always be guaranteed.
  • Machine translation is mainly suitable for internal information distribution, but not for texts intended for customers.
  • The machine lacks the ability to grasp context and to take into account linguistic nuances. Only a human technical translator is capable of that.
  • Google ranks websites translated by artificial intelligence accordingly low since customers abroad will quickly notice the difference between a technical translation and a machine translation and tend to leave the latter more quickly.


Depending on the purpose of your translation and your individual requirements we therefore offer you two different service levels:

AI translation incl . full post editing – a reasonably priced option particularly well suited for internal texts and

our high-end premium product Translation Excellence which is accomplished by human translators and includes everything from our AS-Transfer (100 % secure data transfer) to our 6 eyes final proofreading system  incl. culturalisation . Translations produced in this way respect the demands of your international partners to make sure they value your products and, in turn, buy them.

Now, it’s up to you: What option will you go for?
If you have any more questions, our language ambassadors will gladly answer them.