ALLESPRACHEN’s interpreters are used by companies all over the world.

From casual business dinners with foreign managers to seminars with hundreds of participants from various countries: Our interpreters convert your conversations into the target language quickly and precisely!


There are various settings where you might need an interpreter:

  • Dealings with authorities – for instance, if you want to expand and have to negotiate with authorities, lawyers, agents etc. in other countries
  • Business lunches or dinners during which you would like to be able to effortlessly communicate with foreign managers
  • Trade fairs or congresses where speeches are held in foreign languages or where you would like to nurture existing contacts or establish new business partnerships

ALLESPRACHEN offers professional interpreters for all kinds of situations. Our team consists of professional congress and negotiation interpreters selected by us on the basis of strict requirements.

All of them have completed related training and possess many years of professional experience. Apart from proven technical knowledge they have excellent people skills, too. By they way: Our specialists only interpret in their own mother tongue. There simply is no better guarantee for 100 % accurate interpretation!

Do you need a conference interpretation system? No problem – our services also include system rentals!


Kommunikation durch Übersetzung von ALLESPRACHEN

Without a doubt, cultural and linguistic diversity is valuable and exciting. However, the huge number of languages in existence can also become a problem. When people with different mother tongues try to communicate, their efforts can quickly become stifled.

You have probably been in a similar situation when on holidays: You want to convey something, but lack both the vocabulary and syntax to do so. When travelling, you can often use gestures to establish rudimentary communication and basic English also takes you a certain distance. Such amateurish interpretation situations usually stay with you as funny episodes and are an important part of intercultural contact.

Furthermore, you might also be familiar with the other side of the coin: Most likely, you have been in situations in your home country where you wanted to help out citizens from different cultural backgrounds or tourists. In the end, we usually manage to somewhat overcome linguistic boundaries but there are also situations in which basic communication is not enough and can even lead to negative results.


Bad communication in the professional and business environment is an absolute faux pas. In the professional context, good manners are everything. Miscommunication should therefore be avoided at all costs, since it

  • violates etiquette,
  • costs valuable time,
  • can lead to embarrassing situations of misunderstanding,
  • can even result in loss of business and
  • might lead to loss of image, resulting in permanent damage to one’s company.


ALLESPRACHEN Dolmetschungen - professionell

Reconciling two different linguistic areas in conversation is where professional interpreters come in.

Well trained interpreters help overcome Babylonian linguistic confusion and build bridges between two cultures by converting what the respective people are trying to express in their mother tongues in a factually and technically correct manner.

However, interpreters can do much more than that . They are also familiar with the cultural features and etiquette of the respective countries and make sure that the latter is adhered to in the context of the translation and communication.

Interpreting is thus not just about verbal communication, but also about conveying body language and conventions.


Essentially, there are two types of interpretation . In consecutive interpretation (also referred to as successive) only one person speaks at a time, meaning that one participant of the conversation says something which is then translated. This type of interpretation is characterised by high levels of mutual respect since only one persons speaks at a time. Furthermore, thanks to short pauses between the fragments, the atmosphere is relaxed. The original speaker can observe his counterpart and gauge his reactions.

Simultaneous interpretation (speech is translated at the same time it is uttered) is profoundly different . The interpreter must be fully focused and able to draw on excellent linguistic intuition and broad technical knowledge. This type of interpretation is most often used in the framework of panel discussions at congresses or lectures.

In the latter case, interpreters must remain fully focused during every second of the conversation and be able to predict syntax. Otherwise, they would not be able to convey the content to the target listener correctly. Simultaneous interpreters usually receive transcripts of the speeches and lectures to allow them to plan in advance.

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