What is the price of my translation based on?

This depends on your requirements and demands.

At ALLESPRACHEN, you may choose between AI translation (4 Eyes Principle) and our Translation Excellence high-end product (6 Eyes Principle™).

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  • Show your customers your respect by means of high-quality translations and in turn, they will thank you by buying your products!
  • Despite the fact that we have been working with the latest technologies for years, we only use them when it makes sense. If it doesn’t, we still employ human translators who are highly qualified in their fields and masters of your customers’ culture.
  • Using our proprietary Translation Excellence 4.0 method we have set a new benchmark in the translation process which not only yields more homogeneous translations but also saves you money and provides total data protection.



Roughly calculate the price of your translation right away to find out what you can expect.


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We only work for business customers. If you are an individual who needs a certified translation, www.gerichtsdolmetscher.at will find the right translator for you.

ALLESPRACHEN translation agency

If you have any questions, simply write us an e-mail. We will get back to you swiftly and professionally.

E-mail: office@allesprachen.at

You can also get in touch with us via telephone. Our competent salaried employees are happy to answer your calls from 8am to 6pm.

Telephone: +43 (0)316 / 29 16 29-0

We are even there for you on weekends and outside of our opening hours. The following is our managing director’s mobile phone number!

Hotline: +43 (0)664 / 30 77 990

Headquarters: ALLESPRACHEN.AT-ISO 9001 GmbH
Am Eisbach 36a, A-8055 Graz

Machine translation
(4 Eyes Principle)
HUMANS supported by MACHINES

3 prerequisites for machine translation:

  • Moderate requirements regarding translation quality
  • Suitable type of text
  • Currently only possible for certain language pairings


3 benefits of machine translation:

  • 4 Eyes Principle incl. simultaneous proofreading (check for correct translation in terms of content)
  • Large texts can be translated very quickly
  • Cost savings of up to 30 %


Not included/only included in product on the left

  • Terminological consistency
  • Tailored to target audience
  • Culturalisation
  • Translation of non-editable files ((PDF, JPEG, PNG and others)


ALLESPRACHEN stands for exceptional quality which is why our machine translations are also carried out in conformity with ISO 17100 and ISO 18587.

Would you like to learn more about machine translation?

Excellence 4.0

(6 Eyes Principle™)

If you choose our Translation Excellence 4.0 high-end product, every type of text is translated by a native speaker and subsequently checked three times by means of our 6 Eyes Principle™. This guarantees a flawless translation that meets and exceeds all quality standards!


The MANY benefits of Translation Excellence 4.0:

  • 6 Eyes Principle™ incl . simultaneous proofreading (texts are checked for style, homogeneity, terminology, spelling, grammar and more).
  • Large texts are translated in very short amounts of time by human technical translators, using a server solution
    Moderate prices for outstanding quality
  • Texts are tailored to the respective culture (=culturalisation) and the target audience (young, old, formal…)
  • Homogeneous terminology
  • Incorporation and creation of a customer glossary
  • and much more



Certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and – soon – ISO 18587. You can’t get any more certifications in this field!

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The standard line

Due to its transparency, pricing translations by lines, more precisely by standard lines, has become the established method in the industry.
One standard line consists of 55 characters incl. spaces.
Caution! Beware! Fraudulent companies use only 50 characters per standard line which can have a big impact on the total.

Pricing by source text

The source text, meaning the text you sent us to have it translated, is always a good starting point to determine the number of lines.
For reasons of fairness and transparency, however, translations are usually priced based on the target text for it,
rather than the source text, better reflects the translator’s actual performance.

The translator

Of course the translator’s work accounts for the majority of the total .
Professional translation agencies will only work with translators that possess a language degree as well as years of translating experience and relevant technical knowledge in their respective subject areas.

This type of know-how naturally costs more than what a young graduate charges who takes his first step in the field of translating. The language combination requested can also affect the price
as there are a lot more translators for common language combinations such as German-English or German-French than for German-Japanese, for example.

The review process

All translators have their translations proofread by another translator according to the 4 Eyes Principle. Good translation agencies also employ internal proofreaders that will proofread your translation a third time before it is delivered

Additional quality criteria

Many companies place high importance on their translation agency being sufficiently insured to be prepared for possible personal injury, damage to property or pecuniary loss which can also influence the costs of your translation.

Particularly renowned translation agencies obtain certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 18587 and ISO 17100 which are linked to stringent specifications and measures such as expensive audits.

ALLESPRACHEN – Your competent and fair translation partner

The ALLESPRACHEN translation agency provides translation services at the highest level.
We are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 and only work with highly qualified and certified native-language translators that possess years of experience, without charging outrageous prices .
Additionally, we utilise our proprietary 6 Eyes PrincipleTM, but you already knew that.
Want to see for yourself? Send us an inquiry right now and you will receive our non-binding and attractive offer today!

ALLESPRACHEN translation costs

To give you a better idea of the costs of translations, we have prepared a table with various options offered by the ALLESPRACHEN translation agency.
ALLESPRACHEN offers translation services at the highest level.

Costs per word for common languages:


  • Certified translations: from 0.25 EUR
  • Technical translations: from 0.16 EUR
  • Medical translations: from 0.17 EUR
  • Legal translations: from 0.18 EUR
  • Contract translations: from 0.15 EUR
  • Patent translations: from 0.21 EUR
  • Website translations: from 0.14 EUR

Costs per line for common languages:


  • Certified translations: from 1.69 EUR
  • Technical translations: from 1.12 EUR
  • Medical translations: from 1.19 EUR
  • Legal translations: from 1.29 EUR
  • Contract translations: from 1.09 EUR
  • Patent translations: from 1.49 EUR
  • Website translations: from 1.00 EUR

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